Matt Danskin

Courses: Asphalt Shingle Roof Inspection Protocol
Matt Danskin is a large loss building consultant, former roofing contractor and training consultant best known for his business development process “Restoration Referral System.

Matt Danskin is a recognized figure in roofing and large loss building consulting, celebrated for his innovative business development process, the “Restoration Referral System.” With a career spanning from construction to sales, Matt is a lifelong learner and teacher dedicated to driving excellence and success in the roofing industry.

Matt is not just a leader; he’s a passionate advocate for continual growth and improvement. He instills his knowledge and wisdom in others, guiding them toward achieving transformative outcomes in their careers.

His journey is a testament to what’s possible when you approach challenges with innovation, dedication, and a focus on what truly matters. By joining his courses, you’ll have the opportunity to tap into his wealth of experience and expertise, setting yourself on a path to success in roofing.

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